Leisure at "Travemünder Woche"

After a busy week in the lab, some relaxing time was needed. 
That´s why we decided on last Friday to do something together outside on Saturday, kind of relaxing time. 

On Saturday the weather was on our side, sunny and warm (let´s say hot).

We first met at the train station in Lübeck and from there we took the train to Travemünde. 

Coincidentally the "Travemünder Woche" started on Saturday and this is why many tourists and ships of all kind were around at the small harbour in Travemünde.

Travemünder Woche

Because of the "Travemünder Woche" and the nice weather the beach was very crowded.

Ships and boats of all types arrived and departed. 

Here is a very nice view from the sea.

It was already late in the evening and people went back home or to eat and have drinks in nice restaurants and pubs along the beachside. So the beachside looked already empty and only few people enjoyed walking.

For us it was also time to go and have some delicious food and to enjoy the evening party after such a nice day.

At one point foam, at first we thought it was snow, came down… but it was because of the high temperature the party organizers cooled the temperature down….....

Late after midnight we arrived back home in Lübeck.