Farewell party for Prof. Dominiak

Yesterday a surprise farewell party for Prof. Dominiak, the president of our University, was organized.
The guest list was exceptionally long, with former PhD students and long-term colleagues and friends coming to Lübeck for this very special evening hosted at this beautiful location of the IMGWF in the middle of the historic city center of Lübeck.

Besides a lot of very personal and private speeches from very close friends and colleagues the most impressing and moving moments were the musical performances of some students from the University.

It was quite obvious that a very close band exists between these students and Prof. Dominiak.

The party ended with an improvised but very emotional acceptance speech from Prof. Dominiak, this was again a really touching moment.

We, as the members of the IIEG, would like to thank Prof. Dominiak for his strong support over the last years, and it is quite clear to us, that without him the IIEG would not have been founded in 2013!