Queued up in Frankfurt

Yesterday, I joined a meeting of the project comitee of the German e:med program in Frankfurt held at the Squaire Conference Center. 
As you can see on the following pics a very modern and stylish meeting place.

It was a pleasure to be in-door the whole day with air conditioning because outside it was extremely hot and humid (35 degrees celsius).

The meeting was very productive and ended almost three hours earlier than expected. Unfortunately, re-booking for an earlier flight was too expensive. 
Hence, I grabbed a cup of coffee and some cake and waited impatiently for my flight back home to Hamburg. 
Luckily, I charged my iphone and ipad during the meeting so I could use both extensively.
As you can see I was not the only one who wanted to fly back home or to other nice places. 
However, for me it was the first time seeing six planes queued-up for taking-off.

Unexpectedly, it took us only 15 minutes to be ready for take-off and almost in-time I was back in Hamburg.
But this time just as an economist ;-)