Lecture in a fashion store

Have you ever been to a lecture held in a fashion store?
This (very) unusual experience can be made in Lübeck until July 18th.

For the second time, since 2012, the University organizes a series of lectures of various topics held in cafes and all kind of stores all situated in one of Lübeck's most attractive streets (Hüxstrasse).

Today, I had the fun to start this cool initiative in Lars Kewitz's Fashion Room. Thanks to Lars Kewitz for hosting us!

My lecture was entitled "Personalized Medicine! Fact or Fiction?". It was about pharmacogenetics, personalized therapies, and diagnostics by NGS. i, for myself, find these topics highly interesting and (in my opinion) it is very important that students (and the public) learn what is actually possible today, tomorrow or in long-term.

Below you can find some pics (many thanks to Thomas Berg) taken during the lecture.