Hello Lübeck, this is Leicester calling!

That’s where I am for a few days this week, to meet one of our Leducq-collaborators, who work on the same risk gene as I do!
The Cardiovascular Research Centre in the Glenfield Hospital in Leicester is quite an amazing facility, modern building, huge labs, and lots of people!

This trip is the first step in a kind of an ‘exchange program’, as hopefully we will welcome one or the other from Leicester in our Institute, to learn from each other and to help each other with experimental setups!

As of today, the first of three (and a half) days I will be here, my mind is already (and officially) blown! The things I’ve seen here are overwhelming, and we haven’t really started the input yet :)

Since I arrived already on Sunday, I had the chance to take a stroll through the old centre of the city, which is a very nice mix of traditional and modern buildings! But not only architecture, also the people you see are mixed, from every part of the planet, they all can be found here :)

I am already enjoying the stay and looking forward to Tuesday, where the students from the group decided to go watch the England match in the city! 

Even though the Brits are already out of the World Cup, they still have a fame to restore, and who would want to miss that?!

Stay tuned for more impressions!