"Open-house" at the IIEG

For the second time, since 2012, the University and the City of Lübeck organized an open-house event called "Nacht der Labore" (night of the laboratories).

At this nightly event we brought together scientists, students and the general public. Different institutions, like the IIEG, opened their doors and explained what it actually means to work in science. A full program of this event can be found here

The Institute for Pathology seems to be of special interest for the general public. They even needed to distribute tickets to handle the large crowd of interested people. Though I wonder, what is so interesting to see at the Institute for Pathology?

The IIEG did not need to distribute tickets, however we had a lot of visitors during the evening. Around 80-90 people stopped by. We were really suprised that so many people came at such a warm summer night. Especially since the worlds cup (soccer) is running.  ;-)

To make the visit in our lab as unforgettable as possible, we organized a guided tour with four different stations to explain our work. 

We had grouped tours every hour. Before entering the laboratories, I gave a short introductory talk about our Institute and the "Genetics of Myocardial Infarction".

Luckily, the room was only empty during the lab tour and not during my talk ;-).

The lab tour started with "3D protein modelling" (presented by Stephie and Michaela).

The next stations were, "microscopy" presented by Jaafar and Maria,

"beating heart cells" presented by Redouane and Caro,

and finally "DNA isolation" explained by Sandra, Christoph and Sogol.

Other members of our Institute were available for questions, explained posters or just welcomed our guests.

At around 23:30 the last visitors left our labs. After cleaning-up, we all went home, just in time to watch the match between Italy and UK.

Thanks a lot to all our visitors for the great discussions, questions and for your interest! We love to talk about our work. 

A very special "thank-you" goes to the members of the IIEG who made this great happening possible.