Travelling to Munich is always fun

I was invited to give a talk about "common and rare variants for CAD and MI" at the meeting "Cardiac Development: From Congenital Heart Disease to Regeneration“ organized by colleagues from the German Heart Centre in Munich.

In the beginning, I felt that my talk was a little bit off-topic, because in general it was more about cardiac development and congenital heart disease and I was invited to talk about the genetics of coronary artery disease and myocardial infarction; not easy to make a connection. However, in the end it was a very interesting meeting, especially a talk by Lutz Hein about "Dynamics of DNA methylation in cardiomyocytes" was breathtaking.
Besides the congress it was nice to meet very close colleagues and we had a wonderful evening at a typical beer garden.
My flight back home was on Friday afternoon. After a very sunny and warm Thursday it was now rainy and fresh.

I was tired and hungry, and hence very happy to be upgraded by Lufthansa, because, as you know, only in Business class "Dinner" will be served. 

Because of strong tailwind the flight duration was unexpectedly short, that´s why there was not much time for the long awaited "Dinner".

However, overall the flight was very pleasant as the landing approach to Hamburg.
Hope to visit Munich soon again.