Happy Easter

After a long wonderful weekend, we're back at work. 

Do you know how it is getting back to work not remembering what you were last working on? Today I once again realised that I have too many things on my to-do list and unfortunately not every to-do on the list. Normally, having my computer running over night (or during the weekend), I just start working in the window that's currently open. However, on rare occasions I turn it off. One should never do that without careful preparation though. Hence, it took me some minutes to figure out that I am currently writing an urgent grant proposal. Checking my emails solved the mystery. Luckily before leaving on Thursday I had emailed myself a copy, just in case it would be a rainy weekend. (By the way, we had perfect weather.)

I hope you all had some nice days off work and got back in one piece. (Unlike this easter bunny...)