Exploring the code

This semester a student initiative, BTS Lübeck, is organising a series of lectures called "Exploring the Code".

The lecture series aims to give an overview of the entire field of genetics. The goal is to give students an insight into current research and to introduce the institutes that work in genetics. We were very happy at this great opportunity to present ourselves and our research to a group of highly motivated students. Today, Jeanette gave a talk about our institute and the genetic causes of coronary artery disease. 

Based on the reaction of the students, we hope that we managed to make an impression. That would also agree with the feedback we got from the faithful IIEG fans.

This is exiting (spannend)!
In two weeks, we will again rock the show, but then from the perspective of our PhD students Michaela, Benedikt and Jaafar.

JE and IB