DZHK- Workshop in International Scientific Communication

Zouhair and myself attended a workshop for the last 3 days about communication in GöttingenParticipants were PhD students, Postdocs and Senior scientists, coming from different nationalities including Germany, Italy, China, India, Hungary, Greece, and Morocco.

Even different cultures and nationalitiesthe goal of interest was the same, to learn how to communicate with people from different cultures in a professional way independently from the ethnicity and use each individual personal profile in the right position to push the Team-working in a more efficient way. Moreover, To learn about how to introduce one self, own group, own data in international congresses, symposiums and meetings in a structural and correct and efficient way.

We also had the opportunity to learn about cultural differences between Germany, USA, Brazil, India, China, France and UK and their respective stereotypes. Furthermore we Learned to avoid taboos leading to conflicts. For example in India using the left hand is impolite. In China the number 4 brings bad luck. Its just normal in Brazil when people come unpunctual to a meeting and spend the first half hour talking about soccer, kids, family..........


The social activity at the Nudelhaus ( gave us the opportunity to know each others better and to speak about science as well as personal stuff.