Meeting at the Manor

This is not life at court as it used to be. Today we're not discussing noble society but noble science. We did not arrive by horse-drawn carriage, we have more horsepower today. And thanks to electricity, we project coloured light at, let's say, something like a curtain yielding beautiful abstract paintings. 

Yesterday, NCCR (as the North German partner site of the DZHK (the German centre for cardiovascular research)) had its annual retreat at Schloss Tremsb├╝ttel.

We left the IIEG at noon, the meeting started at 1pm. Unfortunately, some of us thought we'd get something to eat before the meeting, which led to a group of starving scientists in the first session. The first session had four talks presenting some of last year's papers of the month. Jeanette talked about our recent Nature publication. (I wonder how often we have used these slides, and how many of us have.)

The young scientists presented their work at an evening poster session with wine and snacks. I think most scientists have had the experience that the only people who visit poster sessions are the presenters. This was however not the case yesterday. It was a really great session and a nice atmosphere in which to discuss recent results. 

In the evening, we dined in the main hall of the castle. The royal feast made us imagine how life in these walls had been hundreds of years ago.