Networking at the Starnberger See

I just came back from dinner at the Buchheim Museum and now I have a bit of time to write a few words before falling asleep.
Schloss Höhenfried
Today is the second "Leduq meeting" day. Yesterday it was all about Bioinformatic stuff on multi-dimensional data integration and analysis. Talks were about how to integrate data from different groups, like UCLA, Mount Sinai, Scripps Institute, University of Lübeck and DHM in Munich. This data base, consisting of genomic and transcriptomic data of humans and mice, will be a extremely helpful data resource for our future projects.

Today the talks were about experimental studies with three presentations from our group (Zouhair, Maria, and Jaafar). All experimental studies conducted within "CADgenomics network" are about understanding the functional role of CAD risk genes using cellular models generated by using gene editing and animal models including Knockout mice, in order to understand the underlying pathomechanisms.

Meeting room
It’s the second Meeting of all people who are involved in this project since the initiation of "CADgenomics network" funded by the Leducq foundation. This project brings together working groups from Germany, France, UK, and USA. 

After the last meeting held in Los Angeles, this time we met at Schloss Höhenried at the Starnberger See nearby Munich. 

The meeting is a great opportunity for all of us to meet people coming from other disciplines including Statistics, Bioinformatics, Biology, and Medicine, as well as from different educational level, from PhD students to Senior Scientists. 

It’s a great pleasure to meet all the people working together to understand the genetics of coronary artery disease and myocardial infarction.

This is what networking is all about!
ZA, JA (pics)