You got mail

We're back at work.

Monday is not my favourite day of the week, but despite this even being the first Monday this year I can't complain. Having read several hundreds of e-mails this morning (at least that's the how it felt) our "non-digital" mail arrived. In addition to -lets say- "non-digital spam" and salary accounting we also got mail from Nature. This is not something we get everyday and it is definitely a nice way to start 2014. It's really cool to see the final print of our latest publication - our paper on paper.

This is how it looks. Can't picture how it feels though.

Nature is sending each author a copy of the issue containing their paper. With eight authors from the IIEG, we now have eight copies of the latest Nature issue in addition to the one we subscribe. I wonder if we should consider to wallpaper the kitchen wall?

I could only find seven...