MDC Berlin

I've already been working at the MDC in Berlin for a month, so I really have to provide a small insight by a blog post.

After finishing my cloning work in L├╝beck, I came to the MDC in December to test my mutated plasmids in the zebrafish model. I'm currently performing microinjections to prove the function of my constructs by occurring fluorescence.

Zebrafish Embryo 48 hours post fertilization

The team of Prof. Seyfried is great fun to work with and their expertise is an outstanding enrichment for the project.

As the MDC is based in Berlin-Buch, in which the only places of interests seem to be the Kaufland and a One-Euro-Shop, I try to spend my free time in the city center of Berlin.

German Museum of Technology
The tremendous Campus Buch provides jobs for 1.400 employees in 57 independent study groups and therefore is a great place for scientific exchange.

I'm really looking forward to my upcoming months at the MDC and hope to be able to present some findings soon.