Back and forth

This has been a very long day. We got up hours before sunrise -at 4 am- and (even if not that late) got back home hours after sunset - at 9:30 pm. What took us so long?

In a chronological order:
4 am: waking up. (Very tired).
5 am: cab to the airport. (Still very tired).
6 am: arriving at the airport in Hamburg. ( Finally, waking up with coffee).
7:15 am: flight to Munich. (Getting a wonderful view of Hamburg at night).
Still tired.

8:25 am: touchdown in Munich. (Rain).
9 am: pick up by a colleague (thanks Thomas Meitinger!).
10:10 am: finally arrived at the meeting located at the "Deutsche Herzzentrum München". Everyone waiting for us, so no time for coffee. (Kick off- no better place for that than Munich right?)
1:45 pm: finally lunch, everyone is starving. (Half time break, as in football)
2 pm: everybody back at their seats. (Second half).
4:30 pm: end, at last. At least for us, we have a flight to catch. (Final whistle)

4:35 pm: cab to airport. (Getting nervous in traffic).
5:08 pm: arriving at the airport. (Have we been here before?)
6 pm: boarding. (Déjà vu)

Still smiling.

7 pm: take off. (Delay, it is not raining anymore. It's now snowing). 
8 pm: touchdown in Hamburg. (Almost feels like home).
8:15 pm: cab back home to Lübeck. (We are not the only one having a long day. It's the same driver as this morning).
9:30 pm: finally home. (Back to bed).

JE and IB