CVgenes@target: kick-off-meeting in Munich

Today we had our first meeting with new (and some old) collaborators from all over Europe and Germany within the EU funded FP7 project "CVgenes@target".

As the name of the consortia implies, in this project we aim to identify new drug targets based on genetic studies to reduce cardiovascular risk.

The consortia involves 12 partners from Munich, L├╝beck, Hamburg, Basel, Utrecht, Leicester, Oxford and Stockholm.
Bringing together so many experts in this field, academic institutions as well as pharmacy companies, we are now eager to start and confident that this will be a successful project over the next 3 years. 

The first meeting, the so-called kick-off-meeting, is a great opportunity to meet people and plan the strategy for the next years. To make the meeting convenient, we met at the airport in Munich. This allowed people to arrive with the first flight in the morning and head home the same day. And we had a great view from the conference room: a direct view at the airport and the airfield. A nice place for planespotting during the lunch break.