New York

There are several reasons why we love working in science. One is, that to you get to travel around the world. It is however a highlight, having a meeting in city like New York.

I am attending a bioinformatics group workshop that is organised by our colleagues from the Mount Sinai hospital in New York and funded by the Leducq foundation. This is a foundation that supports international collaborations in the field of cardiovascular research. 

Arriving one day in front, I had the chance to do some sight seeing. I joined Jerry's grand tour of New York, a 14 hour walk across the city. My feet hurt, but it was the best sightseeing tour I have been on so far. 

After some spare time, I am back to work. This evening I'll meet the other people attending the workshop for a get-together dinner. Definitely not hard work, but having a jet-lag, its going to be difficult to stay awake. It is a great opportunity to meet the people, have a chat and get to know them a bit better. It makes cooperating so much easier and it is a great way to get new ideas for future projects. It's networking.