Jet-lag in Amsterdam

Having spent one week in New York, I am now back in Europe and soon back in Lübeck. Just struggling to stay awake in Amsterdam, while waiting for my connecting flight. 

 It has been a great trip and a great meeting. The aim of the Leducq collaboration is to bundled our methods and resources so that we can create something exciting and new. At this first bioinformatics meeting, we now finally started a joint analysis. 

We created a database that has all data sets from the different groups. These are expression data, exome sequencing data and genome wide association data. Genome-wide association studies helps you to locate regions of the genome that influence the disease. Exome (coding region of the genome) sequencing may reveal the variant that alter the protein product. Expression data shows the activity of the gene. So we thought; can we link the disease loci with the gene expression and are some of the disease loci explained by the protein altering variants? Are there underlying disease networks?

We are all very excited and eager to start unravelling disease-specific risk genes and pathways. Hopefully, within the next few years, we may discover some of the complex mechanisms underlying coronary artery disease and perhaps even drug targets for disease treatments.



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