Moved in together

The last month has been very exciting. We have now moved into a new office. The last boxes arrived two weeks ago. Before that, we were all spread across the campus. The one wet-lab group in the north, the other one in the south and the bioinformatics group in the east of the campus. Now, we are all joined and we love it.

The bioinformatics group, that only had to move their stuff up three floors, were the first that were up and running. It is not that hard if you only have to plug in the computers. Getting a wet-lab ready for action is not as easy. You have to unpack the vast number of boxes first.

Our new favourite colleague is the coffee machine. And being scientists, we could not help but notice a significant difference in coffee consumption between the wet-lab and the bioinformatics groups. The latter top off their coffee cups more frequent. But I guess this is a strong environmental factor and not a genetic one.