6th International Conference on cGMP - congress report

Between the 28th and 30th of June 2013 (sorry, it took me a while to write and blog this post), I attended the 6th international conference on cGMP (read more about cGMP below), which took place in the Monastery of St Augustine‘s in Erfurt.
This congress is organized every two years to communicate at the highest international level the last research in the field, including cGMP generators and effectors as well as their pathophysiological and pharmacological implications.

The congress was organized in oral presentations and poster sessions. All topics regarding cGMP were represented: protein modelling, clinical trials, mouse models and biochemical research.
In the evening we could enjoy the talks from highly recognized scientists in the field. It was the perfect place to know what is going on in the field.

Moreover, we could also get to know the city of Erfurt thanks to a guided tour including a walk through the city and the ancient synagogue, which includes an amazing treasure.
We could also visit the Dom, where a special classic music concert was held for us.

Finally, we could also enjoy getting to know other scientist.
The congress ended with a fantastic dinner at the Palmhaus of Erfurt.
We are looking forward to the next congress in two years!

More information about this very interesting meeting can be found at: 6th International Conference on cGMP

Just a short explaination what cGMP is and how it works: cyclic guanosine monophosphate acts as a second messenger, and is a common regulator of diverse physiological processes like relaxation of vascular smooth muscles leading to vasodilation and increased blood flow.